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The Beginning….

January 6, 2009

It was 1980. I was 30, divorced 2 years prior from my first husband who was an alcoholic and physically abusive. (Hmmm, you see a pattern here?)

I went with my younger brother to one of his friends house for a party–Dennis & Deb (who then became friends of mine). There were only about 8 people there, watching a concert on MTV, and drinking. I had a couple beers then decided to leave as I was the driver that night. We were getting ready to say our good-byes when the front door opened and in walked 2 guys. They were the brothers of Dennis. My brother knew both from school years ago.

The older brother was very outgoing, funny, the life of the party, and the most gorgeous man I had ever seen!

He had long, thick dark hair which he wore down his back–green eyes that had laugh lines at the corners. 6 foot tall, great build, wearing a western hat and boots and a long Duster. He looked like he’d just stepped out of the cover of a romance novel that took place in the Old West.

We stayed a little bit longer as my brother wanted to catch up with them about what they’d been doing the past several years. I couldn’t take my eyes off this gorgeous man. His name was Rick, he was 2 years younger than me. He talked to me quite a bit but didn’t ask for my number or anything like that.

My brother and I left the party. I didn’t think of Rick again.

Two weeks later, I went to a movie with Dennis & Deb, and Sam who was a neighborhood friend and about 10 years younger than me. It wasn’t a date–it was just 2 neighbors who were bored and were asked to the movies. It was a nice way to pass the evening. The movie was ‘The Rose’ with Bette Midler and I loved it. When it was over, we went out to Dennis’ car but it wouldn’t start. He called for help and who should the ‘help’ be? It was Rick!

We all got into Rick’s car (they were going to come get Dennis’ car in the morning) and, since it was only 9 pm, decided to go out for drinks. Rick took Sam home as he wasn’t old enough to go then we drove to a bar and had a couple drinks. Afterward, Rick took Dennis & Deb home then asked if I wanted to go to his place. I said yes.

We had a magical night together, we fell in love, and were never apart–until June 1997 after nearly 18 years. 18 l-o-n-g years.


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  1. Lorraina permalink
    December 9, 2010 5:22 pm

    oh oh. i can see a common theme starting here. Alcohol, the root of all evil.

  2. December 9, 2010 5:35 pm

    Yes, Lorraina, I blame it for everything that happened! The alcohol changed him completely– into a horrible, mean, evil man!

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