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The Drugs

February 1, 2009

We’d been together about 6 months when 2 of his buddies from the past, Tad and Freddie, moved back to town. He hadn’t seen them in a couple years. They came over and there was lots of reminiscing of the old days between the three of them. They talked about their drinking and drug days and I was a little uncomfortable around them. After a while, I said I’d let them rehash the days of old but I was going to the bedroom to watch tv. They were fine with that. Get the “little woman” out of the way for some serious guy talk. Yeh, whatever.

Several minutes later, Tad came back to use the bathroom (it was in the bedroom area). A couple minutes after he left the bathroom, Freddie came back there to use it. Within minutes after he went out, Rick came back there. I thought ‘Jeez they all even have to pee at the same time?’ but otherwise I didn’t think anything of it. About an hour later, the same scenario repeated. I noticed it was getting a little louder out in the living room with the talking and now the stereo being turned up louder. Then I heard Rick playing his guitar. He was singing and playing it with gusto and doing a damn good job at it! The best I’d heard so far.

I went out to the living room to listen to him. He was really getting it on and the 2 friends were just sitting there listening. All 3 of them were constantly moving–they were sitting down but their legs were jumpy like they couldn’t sit still. They were licking their lips over and over and their eyes were huge!

I went in to the bathroom and found needles, a spoon, and some cotton in the cabinet. They were shooting up!  They were speeding their asses off!  I’d never been around anything like that but had seen plenty of  tv  shows about it so I knew what I was seeing. But, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know those guys and didn’t know what kind of freaks they were so I just observed.

Over time, he continued to see those ‘friends’ and to do the speed. They were using Preludin which I had never heard of. It was a pill that they crushed, cooked on a spoon, then drew up into a syringe to shoot into their veins. It sickened me to be around it. Thankfully, it was only twice a month on paydays. All those big bucks from working in the oilfields went into his arm. The bills were paid–barely– and there was food on the table but the rest went to drugs.

I must say…he was so much fun when he was on the speed. He was loving, generous, very much the gentleman. He loved to play his guitar and sing. Or go out to a club and dance the night away. I loved doing all of that, too, but I only drank. Of course, they could keep going all night so they usually had to take me home when I got tired then they’d go back out until all hours.

Yes, he was totally different when speeding. I loved his personality when he was like that.

Until he came down……….


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  1. February 2, 2009 1:38 am

    oh boy…this really does sound like something from TV…
    Hugs, Jonie

  2. Louna Cee permalink
    February 11, 2009 1:04 pm

    Jonie is right. Still, this must have been a difficult situation… and difficult times.

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